Xpro are document and data capture specialists, offering a range of products and solutions from entry-level systems for simple document scanning and indexing to large-scale production operations involving sophisticated tools such as Automated Data Capture for indexing structured documents (forms processing) and Intelligent Character Recognition for unstructured documents.

Xpro's solution is modular. The base product around which all of the solution options are built is Tokopen:

  • Document Capture: - Scanning software, which includes user-configurable index fields and data, capture from image. Supports multi-page document filing, black& white, greyscale or colour image and output as TIFF, JPEG and PDF.
  • ADC - Automated Data Capture: - automated indexation and data capture from forms-based documents. Automatically recognises page and document type, capturing hand-printed information using Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), machine-printed information using OCR, and tick-box information using OMR.
  • IDC - Intelligent Data Capture: - Intelligently finds and reads the required information within a document without having seen it before. Examples of use for this technology are finding invoice numbers, supplier or originating contractor names on documents.
  • EDF - Electronic Document Filing: - Indexes electronic documents from programs such as Word, Excel and Outlook into Document XP's structured storage system or for import into any Electronic Document Management System (EDMS).
  • Retrieval: - Simple, powerful, rapid and easy-to-use EDMS for documents archived from Document XP.
  • Archive: - Manages storage locations for documents across offline media volumes and within near-line storage systems such as jukeboxes or tape libraries.

Complementing the Scanning activity Xpro have the facility to enter data from any kind of paper, electronic or audio record.

Documents can be scanned into any format, the most popular being TIFF, PDF or JPEG files. These images are then placed into a retrieval database for simple searching facilities. Xpro's systems can output to anything from simple Excel databases which are user friendly and free of charge to produce, into a range of Document Management systems for large corporate customers or onto a Web based retrieval enabling offices worldwide to easily view one set of documents.

Using well trained and experienced staff, who have been capturing data and indexing microfiche and scanned documents for years, Xpro offer services for Data Entry from a wide variety of sources at high accuracy levels and with fast turnaround times. Services are offered:

  1. On-site at your location where Xpro staff will facility manage the complete process of eliminating paper files.
  2. The same high quality service is offered at Xpro's Reading office.
  3. Offshore provides a very cost effective option of UK scanning and Indian indexing.

Used in conjunction with our scanners and software, you may find that we can cut your existing or projected costs for data entry by up to 50%. Xpro uses software which has the ability to scan images and not only read and transcribe barcode information, but also text, tick boxes and even handwriting allowing huge savings to be made on manual key entry.

Data Conversion to C.O.L.D.

There is no longer any need for centralised computer services to print reports numbering thousands of pages, produced in many copies and distributed throughout the organisation. Large file reports can be broken down to individual records or pages, enabling all staff to view, print, fax or e-mail main frame data directly from their desktop PC. Information can easily be retrieved either by pre-defined search fields i.e. Invoice Number, supplier or data. Alternatively you can perform a full text search, which will search for any matching records within each document throughout the entire database.